CrossFit is a fitness program designed to be broad, general, and inclusive.  The goal is to provide a program that will prepare an individual for any challenge that may arise — to be prepared for the unknown and unknowable.  CrossFit as a fitness program strives to train individuals to continually learn and master new skill sets, pushing the boundaries of their fitness through various physical and mental challenges.  CrossFit is CONSTANTLY VARIED, HIGH INTENSITY, FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT.  What that means is every day there will be new challenges to face.  There will be a different exercise, heavier or lighter weights, or new skills to master.  We will use our entire body to move large loads over long distances, quickly.

What do you get with a membership at Bombers CrossFit?

    1. Professional instruction from highly motivated, expert coaches
    2. Skillfully tailored workouts to fit any level of fitness
    3. Unlimited access to training
    4. Group classes with a competitive up-tempo atmosphere
    5. Personalized goal-setting & motivation to achieve your goals
    6. Nutrition plans & dietary counseling to help you perform & feel better
    7. Constantly varied workout routines

Bombers Barbell Club (BBC)

The BBC is a USA Weightlifting Club, dedicated to instructing, improving, and inspiring men and women of all ages in the sport of weightlifting.

What to Expect:

Our mission is to provide instruction in the sport of weightlifting to anyone willing to learn regardless of age or ability.  Each class will be structured in a way to provide technical instruction, allow a chance to practice your skills, and improve strength.  The major focus will be placed on technique—we will master the fundamentals and continually hone our technique while improving our strength.

Each class will begin with a dynamic Warm-Up followed by our Focus Lift for the class.  The Focus Lift will be a variant of either the Snatch or the Clean & Jerk.  These are technical lifts, designed to be explosive total body movements.  Proper rest is required between lifts and between sets—initially this may appear to move very slow with a lot of rest time.  This is to ensure you are both mentally and physically prepared for each lift.  The Focus Lift will be the majority of our time.  In the remaining time there will be Auxiliary Weight Lifting to aid to the strength necessary for Olympic Weightlifting.  The session will conclude with a Cool-Down used to enhance mobility and flexibility which is extremely necessary in the sport of weightlifting.

BBC class times are: Tuesday & Thursday at 6:00pm & Saturday at 9:00am - Please visit the Fees page for pricing.

Long Range Bombers (Endurance Training)

Runners! You know you need to work on strength and mechanics to keep you progressing in the sport, but do you know where to start? Have you started and quit strength training on your own too many times to count? We hear you. That's why we're excited to announce Long Range Bombers, our new endurance-focused program designed specifically for the strength and conditioning needs of runners.

What to Expect:

The program is built with intermediate athletes in mind, but can be scaled and adapted to any skill or fitness level. Workouts will create the strength, balance, coordination, mobility, and cardiovascular capacity and endurance needed to tackle races of any length. Distance progressions are built with both 5k and 10k tracks. Have a different distance in mind? Our coaches can work with you on a more specific goal.

CrossFit Endurance Training