CrossFit is a fitness program designed to be broad, general, and inclusive.  The goal is to provide a program that will prepare an individual for any challenge that may arise — to be prepared for the unknown and unknowable.  CrossFit as a fitness program strives to train individuals to continually learn and master new skill sets, pushing the boundaries of their fitness through various physical and mental challenges.  CrossFit is CONSTANTLY VARIED, HIGH INTENSITY, FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT.  What that means is every day there will be new challenges to face.  There will be a different exercise, heavier or lighter weights, or new skills to master.  We will use our entire body to move large loads over long distances, quickly.

What do you get with a membership at Bombers CrossFit?

    1. Professional instruction from highly motivated, expert coaches
    2. Skillfully tailored workouts to fit any level of fitness
    3. Unlimited access to training
    4. Group classes with a competitive up-tempo atmosphere
    5. Personalized goal-setting & motivation to achieve your goals
    6. Nutrition plans & dietary counseling to help you perform & feel better
    7. Constantly varied workout routines

Strategic Bombers

Strategic Bombers is the year-round, cycle-based set of programs that target specific performance adaptations for a range of athletes and goal sets. While CrossFit creates broad improvements in a variety of areas, sometimes we need more focus in an area that may be lagging behind, or simply want to explore an area of fitness that piques our interest.

Do you feel like your weightlifting strength and skills are stuck? We have a cycle for that. Struggling to string together reps in gymnastics movements? We have a cycle for that. Is your aerobic capacity and efficiency always your bottleneck? We have a cycle for that.

What it is:

  • Three coach-led workouts per week
  • Designed to improve specific areas of your physical performance
  • Small class sizes, deep coaching, and personalized attention

Who it's for:

  • Experienced CrossFit athletes who want to eliminate bottlenecks or chase specific improvements
  • New, returning, or transitioning athletes who find a full-time CrossFit program incompatible with their current life, workload, or training regimen

Strategic Bombers meets on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm & Saturday at 9:00am - Please visit the Fees page for pricing.