Bombers CrossFit History

Andy and Kids

Bombers CrossFit opened in a three car garage in the fall of 2013.  Andy and Mandy’s goal has always been to Educate, Inspire, and Train our community so that anyone can lead healthy, active lives.  Our belief is fitness is a life long pursuit, and we aim to serve our community as professional coaches and trainers. 

Andy and Mandy both grew up playing sports all their lives.  Andy was the son of a football coach, football and coaching was always in his blood.  In college Andy had the privilege of playing football for the U.S. Air Force Academy.  As a linebacker he was a 250 pound guided missile with a bad attitude.  Sports, fitness, and time spent inside the weight room were a huge part of Andy’s identity.

All that changed in a blink of an eye. In the spring of 2004, almost a year after graduating and newly married, Andy and Mandy, were in a devastating motorcycle accident.  Over the next year Andy was in and out of hospitals as surgeons attempted multiple surgeries to repair his right leg.  Andy spent the year either in a wheelchair or laying in bed.  After seven surgeries his right ankle was ultimately fused, he no longer has an ankle joint.

Andy was devastated, his identity as an athlete was gone.  He couldn't walk, he couldn't run, he couldn't jump - he was no longer a guided missile and he just had a bad attitude.  Depression, regret, and anger took ahold of his life.  “I can’t”, became Andy’s favorite phrase.

In 2008 while flying B-52 Bombers for the Air Force, friends pulled Andy back into the gym.  As the son of a coach, all Andy wanted do is help coach them,  telling how to lift, giving them cues and corrections to their techniques.  He built their strength & conditioning programs and quickly became their coach.  Andy’s passion for service grew and he desired to share that passion with others.

As Andy began coaching, leading, and serving he noticed a dramatic transformation in himself and those around him.  Andy's mindset, and those around him was changing.  “I can’t”, was evolving into “I’ll try”, and this simple phrase changed everything.  “I’ll try”, soon enveloped everything.  CrossFit pushes us all to try new things and continually challenges our thoughts.

As Bombers has grown from humble beginnings in a garage to now a beautiful facility situated on five acres, we continue to provide the best hour of your day through professional coaches, world-class facilities, and a fun, safe, family environment.  Our goal is to serve our community through education, training, and inspiration to help everyone lead healthy active lives.



Bombers CrossFit Facility

Established in 2013, we have evolved from a two-car garage to our current 7,000 sq ft facility situated on 5 acres on one of Beavercreek’s most scenic roads, 2080 Beaver Valley Rd.  The gym is minutes from WPAFB, and easily accessible to the surrounding communities.

We pride ourselves on providing “Precision Guided Fitness: Targeting Excuses and Delivering Results.”  

Our aim is to become the Dayton area’s premiere fitness location, with the most highly trained professional coaches, outstanding world-class facilities, and a friendly, safe, encouraging, family environment.