Bombers CrossFit History

Andy and Kids

Bombers CrossFit began as a passion for fitness, sport, and coaching and it all started with Andy and Mandy Kerschbaum; as they both had the privilege of playing college athletics.  Andy played football for the US Air Force Academy; while Mandy played volleyball for Wofford College.  Sport and competition continued to play a large role in Andy and Mandy’s lives; as after college, they carried that passion and drive into the CrossFit world.

While Andy was still on Active Duty in the Air Force as a pilot, he and Mandy built a garage gym.  This early garage facility hosted countless neighbors, coworkers, and friends for many WODs.  What ensued after many months was an intense desire to provide others with a high level of instruction and coaching so that everyone could enjoy the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle.

Thus, Bombers CrossFit was born and Andy and Mandy quickly found themselves outgrowing their garage gym.  The growing community was blessed to find a 1,700 sq ft facility to expand their efforts to in November 2013.  However it doesn’t stop there…

Little did Andy and Mandy know that their new business would thrive beyond expectations in the Beavercreek, OH area; in December 2014, Bombers CrossFit had to move again to a nearby 5,500 sq ft facility.  In July 2018, Bombers CrossFit completed construction and moved into their new 7,000 sq ft facility situated on 5 acres of land.  Now Bombers CrossFit is made up of dedicated coaches, their families, and the members of which the CrossFit affiliate trains.

At the pace Bombers CrossFit is continuing to grow, the Dayton, OH area had better be prepared for the thunderstorm forming from within Bombers CrossFit’s walls…

Bombers CrossFit Facility

Established in 2013, we have evolved from a two-car garage to our current 7,000 sq ft facility situated on 5 acres on one of Beavercreek’s most scenic roads, 2080 Beaver Valley Rd.  The gym is minutes from WPAFB, and easily accessible to the surrounding communities.

We pride ourselves on providing “Precision Guided Fitness: Targeting Excuses and Delivering Results.”  

Our aim is to become the Dayton area’s premiere fitness location, with the most highly trained professional coaches, outstanding world-class facilities, and a friendly, safe, encouraging, family environment.

Our facility consists of:

  • 7,000 sq feet of training area
  • A 40ft FitQuest rig
  • 10 C2 Rowers
  • 5 climbing ropes
  • Various wooden boxes
  • Wall balls/slam balls
  • Over 4,000lbs of kettle bells, bars, & bumper plates!

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